Oddly Exhausted in Trump’s America: An Original Poem by an Aspie

Don’t know about you but, I’m exhausted. And, I’m a political junkie. Aspie’s have obsessions, we don’t have passions. Basketball was always my #1 obsession followed closely by cooking, politics, history, and economics.

Yeah, cooking shows. I miss the ‘Bam!’ from Emeril. Basketball, after I finally threw my my high tops into a corner of my closet, where they remain today, in my late thirties, has been less of an obsession. Hurts too much to watch since, I no longer play. Hurt too much, for days, after playing some pick up and that was when I was still in reasonably good basketball shape. Got to listen to your body.

As for my other obsessions, Political Science is that unique subject where politics, history, and economics become fused such that my obsession for the three subjects also becomes fused. I opted to make a go at a career following, researching, and teaching my obsession. And I do find joy and satisfaction from my chosen vocation.

Especially when Classes end.  Over a week ago, now. I’ve still been making appearances at the office. Always work needing to get completed that one puts off during the semester in order to survive a 3/3 or 4/4 teaching load. My teaching load is either three or four courses during the fall and spring terms depending on what type of course release I can finagle out of my department chair and college dean.

Early this week, during a moment of water cooler talk with two of my colleagues – one of whom predicted Trump would be impeached by May 2017 – that focused on this week’s rapid fire news stories about an inexperienced president thinking he can operate in government as he did in the private sector. We noted how exhausted we were from the constant barrage of Trump induced political crises.

Reflect on that for a moment. Three political scientists all expressing a feeling of exhaustion about current political events in the US. We all teach one or more courses of American government each semester, regardless of the political science field in which we were trained. We generally eat, live, and freely opine with gusto about American politics. Less than four months into this new presidency, we’re tired.

Tired of Trump’s trumpery.

Tired of trumpery from Trump surrogates.

Tried of incessant overly dramatic and trumped up breaking news music.

Tired of repetitive and pedantic media analysis of the Trumpster in the White House.

How do you get paid six or seven figures a year to offer such banal trumplistic opinions?

Tired of Republicans and Democrats constant inane partisanship that trumps the constitution and the public interest.

Tired of false claims being trumpeted by Trump’s tweets.

Couldn’t he use his small hands for something else? Give us a rest, from Trump, please!

Please appoint a special prosecutor. Be done with Trump.

No wait! The trumpery of Trump tweets, surrogates, and trumplistic media coverage…

Will know no end and reach trumptastic heights the world has never before seen, according to Trump.

Oh the trumped up horror of it all.

I’m exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Oddly Exhausted in Trump’s America: An Original Poem by an Aspie

  1. Main Stream Media has been banned in our house. It is fantastic
    instead of watching diatribe & trigger words from Polly Parrot
    Talking Heads, we watch documentaries which are full of fascinating
    information, ideas, & alternatives. News just triggers peoples fears
    & emotions, followed by a commercial for a home security system.

    A narcissist thrives on any kind of attention, positive or negative, it
    doesn’t matter, the fastest way to make a narcissist disappear is to
    ignore them. There are far more amazing interesting & fascinating
    people worth giving attention & the limelight. Ignore the bully, do
    not give them your undivided attention (energy vampires are real)

    The block button on twitter is a miraculous invention. Silence is golden.

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    1. we all are polly parrots to one degree or another. the shame is in ignorance of that fact. no shame for you or anyone given awareness. for awareness brings understanding of limits and possibilities which, must be the basis for empathy and compassion necessary to living the free life in accordance with justice and reason.

      Liked by 1 person

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