Community Service Fun


This rocket play structure has been at a local park for nearly six decades. My kids call this park the “rocket park” and it is a favorite to visit. Due to the unfortunate state budget climate, funding for park maintenance has been reduced significantly. The effect on this play structure has been a rapid deterioration of the red, white, and blue paint scheme.

Today, we had the opportunity to participate in an Eagle Scout Service project to repaint this favorite play structure. With my two kids, our special Aspie age 7, and his neurotypical sibling age 5, we joined a dozen others to scrape and repaint the structure.

I was so pleased with both kids as they worked steady, with no complaints, and cheerfulness. Why wouldn’t they? They each got their own paint brush, free access to paint, and an object on which to paint to their little hearts content.

After four hours, covered in paint head to toe, literally, paint in their hair and everywhere, we completed repainting the major parts of the structure. Still a little touch up and the cone to do but, almost done.

We try to do these sort of community service projects to help our kids understand the importance of contributing to the community. The added benefit is that our Aspie  can practice his social skills being developed in social skill group therapy, during service activities that aligns with an obsession or two. We try to work with his obsessions to find social activities that can serve as practicum.

I’d like to hear from you about strategies you employ to help your special Aspie as a comment to this post.


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