Tranquility Experienced


Well, we made it to the beach. And, the fidget spinners helped, except when the kids, enduring the backseat of a very long car ride, would trade their spinners. At some point, one would ask (demand) for their spinner to be returned. Whereupon their sibling would protest, “I’m not done!” Followed by an escalating volume in word and sound between the kids. Until one of the parents intervenes with something ‘brilliant’ and in a voice louder than the noise volume of the kids bickering, “QUIET!” Followed by some ridiculous parent logic that, for some reason, can only be recalled in the moment because it is so illogical. The irony of having to be louder than the kids and rely on the most inane intellections to achieve a lower level of noise has always amused.

Our first sunset at the beach had an immediate effect. Upon noticing the full spectrum of hues often imitated in art, never replicated with any effort, skill, or medium that invokes the same emotional and psychological response of pure tranquility; a feeling of absolute calm, sublime and humbling, washed over me as I contemplated the many natural patterns of colors, clouds, waves, and moon that harmonized in that moment with my emotional and psychological response. I focused on the waves, the steady rhythm, as if, the actions of the waves come in to wrest away the burdens, cares, and worries to which I clung with my Kung-fu death grip. Gone. Out to sea have they been taken. Good riddance.


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