Addendum: Emotional Whiplash of Autism – Love Conquers

IMG_0279Tonight, my lovely wife and I took advantage of being near her extended family and snuck out for some much needed couple time. After getting some superb soft serve ice cream, we came back, noted the kids were asleep, as were other relatives, and promptly went out the back door to sit on the porch that looks out over thirty yards (meters) of dunes and beyond to the beach and ocean.

It was rather dark, no stars visible due to some high cloud cover, and the tide was coming in, crashing against the beach with vigor. The moon was low on the horizon, below the clouds, large, not quite full, but nearly. It’s color was orange with that hue of moonlight shimmering off the waves. A good breeze was blowing which kept the mosquitos at bay and the humidity tolerable.

It’s been a busy fortnight with hardly anytime for just my lovely wife and I. We’ve missed that time we get after putting the kids down for the night, according to our regular schedule which, this road trip has obliterated. We discussed how the rapid and daily change in routine, during our road trip, has, in many ways, discombobulated this Aspie, our special Aspie, his sibling, and my lovely wife. We talked more in depth about why I had been such a growly grizzly bear the last couple days. Her understanding, compassion, empathy, and love turns that grizzly into a cuddly teddy bear.

As our conversation faded, we held hands and just took in the moment. We went for a walk on the darkened beach along the shoreline as the water came in up to our ankles before receding. Nothing was said, nothing had to be. We stood there on the beach, holding hands, and gazing out over the water at that orange moon. No matter the turmoil, no matter the difficulty, no matter the vicissitudes of life. I know together, my lovely wife and I will support, sustain, and partner with each other. That trust I would not trade for anything or anyone. Plus, crossing an item off the bucket list, while on the beach, helped too.



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