Lessons from Road Trip with Aspies

mapBelow is a list of lessons we learned over the last couple weeks on the road in the US.  We essentially did a giant oval shaped drive, through the Southern US, from West to East and back again.

1. Need to plan down time for both Aspie’s.  Make sure there is a quiet room, place, anywhere to which we could go. By day 5, my son and I were overwhelmed by people, change in our routines, and over stimulated.

2. Fidget spinner still second fiddle to his Teddy Bear. Fidget Spinner worked well for me, helping to stim when in passenger seat for hours on end or, needing something to do, to deal with anxiety of having to always be “on” during family reunion.

3. Always have a back up outfit for kids. You’d think we learned this lesson during baby / toddler years. Apparently not.

4. Getting prescriptions filled out of state is ridiculously difficult. Due to draconian laws in US, will have to plan future long road trips around when able to refill certain prescriptions.

5. Need a better variety of movies on iPad/s or both kids need headphones. The kids watched one movie over and over and over and over and over and over….Ugh!

6. We like the beach and we love our forester.

7. Each child had their own bag. As a result, parents could take smaller bags, making for more room in the cargo space of the car. Plus, no portable crib! Driver could actually see out the back window!!

8. Taking the back roads, is more scenic, sometimes quicker, and less stressful than interstates. We used a combination of insterstates, State, and US Routes / Highways. On way home, doing so shaved 3 hours off our drive. Trade off is less services available. When available, stop and take advantage.

9. Ask a friend to drop by and check your home. We made an alarming discovery when arriving at our home. Fortunately, nothing was missing.

10. Glad to be home.

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Road Trip with Aspies

  1. Great traveling tips & welcome back home!

    Have you tried audio books? It breaks the “screen time”
    & lets the imagination build the story, honestly we love
    audio-books for long trips & even doing chores at home.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, got to manage screen time. Generally, only after a few hours in the car. We try to use screen time when kids start to struggle being in the car.

      Audio books are a great alternative. We had audio books for harry potter and lemony snickets. Though, the kids were less interested in the audio books this time around. Maybe, due to beginning to read the actual Harry Potter books. There were several copies in the car for them to read, and they did so.

      We do the same with chores around the house, as well. Also, music. Kids are partial to Cars Movie soundtrack, Beach Boys, Beatles, and Elvis.

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      1. Great! My nephew began reading the Percy Jackson series & became enthralled with Mythology, so I had to check them out for myself. It is a good mix of mythology, adventure, and goofiness. So for the holidays I got him the entire collection of audio books. I couldn’t help myself & had to give them a spin. Really good fun I must say.

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