Thoughts on Autism, Political Hate, and Der Twitler

Have to admit to struggling with a blog post topic this week. Of course, we have experienced a very hectic last two weeks as family came into town to share in and support our special Aspie’s life milestone event. Followed by my lovely wife returning to work after taking the last 5 or 6 years off, so that we could have kids. Have I mentioned I am ecstatic to again have a second income?

As for our special Aspie’s life milestone event – a fantastic experience! So happy for him and pleased that he chose to participate in the milestone event because he wanted to for himself. I know, because we discussed with him that it was his choice and we would support and love him whatever was his choice.

He asked good questions, took a day or so to think about his choice, then, ultimately, made an independent and thoughtfully informed choice. Gratifying to observe our efforts to train our kids to be analytical, rational, and data-driven in their decision making is paying off. And, why not? People with Asperger’s have brains that are predisposed to this decision-making approach. Leverage your strengths and Asperger’s does offer some advantages, in my opinion.

One such advantage is being able to dispassionately assess societal events such as the craziness occurring in Charlotte, VA, as I write. That display of political hate and white nationalist craziness is nothing short of an intentional unwillingness to consider that others matter as much as you. Put more succinctly and eloquently by the Way, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Warning: my hypocrisy on full display from this point forward).

I came across a meme on my personal Facebook feed that was clever and comical. The meme noted the irony of individuals displaying or carrying the confederate flag during a political protest and in support of the current US president, while exclaiming, “You lost, get over it,” to counter-protestors. Yo, we may have lost the 2016 election, a temporary setback remedied in 2018 and 2020, but you lost the war back in 1865. Who needs to get over it?

Plus, love how effective the republicans are at governing. Let’s see here, what have they accomplished? Allowed a hostile foreign power to shape a national election outcome. Failed to deliver on key campaign promises such as healthcare (for which I am happy they failed), still have not passed a budget for the next fiscal year….

Oh! And the latest: threatened thermo-nuclear war against a two-bit dictatorship that only matters when some jackass US president gets a burr under their saddle due to low public approval ratings. It’s called the “rally ’round the flag effect” and US presidents can always depend on a positive bump in public approval ratings when they act tough in foreign politics. See the graphic below (source for graphic in endnotes to this post).


As this chart shows, when presidents express a willingness or actually do employ US military might, their approval ratings go up. Der Twitler recently hit an all time low in his approval ratings since becoming president – faster than any president in the modern era, I might add. So, got to get his ratings up. How?


I can just imagine Der Twitler having the following monologue, “Wait a second….hold on….yep…I feel something I’ve not felt in a long time. My…my…brain is working! I… I have an IDEA!!” Then the realization that as president, at their fingertips, literally, are nuclear weapons.

And so, Der Twitler makes another incomprehensible and bombastic statement premised on utilization of nuclear weapons. And, the Russia meddling in the US 2016 election story, fades into the background, as Der Twitler wrests control of the daily news cycle by threatening this:


My reaction? How about we let Der Twitler enjoy one of the best thrill rides few experience.


Regretably, in the preceding rant about current politics, I fall well short of loving my neighbor as myself. But, maybe loving your neighbor is to resist the insanity that is Trumerica under Der Twitler, by expressing outrage through word and deed. Your vote matters. When sane people don’t vote, insane politics is the result. Think on that. Commit to vote. Your participation matters.



1. Washington University in St. Louis. “Anger drives support for wartime presidents, study finds.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 July 2010. <>.

2. Other images courtesy of

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