Warning: Rant about Religion, Politics, and America

As a person of (imperfect) faith that recognizes his hypocrisy and sinful nature (hope there’s sufficient Grace leftover), I am nonetheless constantly shocked at the lengths to which others of (claimed) faith will go, in support of certain candidates and political policies, in clear contrast of claimed faith principles and practices.
Others of (claimed) faith would not support Romney but, they’ll support the likes of Roy Moore and Trumpery. There is no more clear moral distinction between individuals of which I can conjure.

Such persistent Faustian bargains render others of (claimed) faith convenient examples to others of potential faith, as to why faith / religion is just another ideology; a convenient moral device that masks the selfish political interests of the individual and group that seeks to impose its utopia on reality (Carr 2001).
Consequently, others of potential faith have all the (legitiamate?) excuse required to shun religion / developing faith.

Shame on those of claimed faith for doing the devil’s work by driving others from God, through public support of political candidates / elected officials of such moral turpitude that our nation is in peril both spiritually and politically.
Mary was a teenager when she and Joseph were betrothed / dating / engaged? I can think of no other misuse of biblical text that turned my stomach with such ferocity that vomiting would not relieve what I felt.

Such a claim, vomits on what America stands for and what, more importantly, for what people of claimed faith ought to stand in support.

It’s these attitudes that drove me from the republican party, closer to the democratic party (though still registered unaffiliated as a voter), and to scrutinize the extent to which my political ideology is informed by my faith commitment.

For, to claim to be a person of faith, is to obligate oneself to prioritize one’s faith over alternative modes of thought and interpretation with this caveat: not at the expense of reason and good judgement, for which one is held accountable by God (see Parable of the Talents). It would appear that reason and good judgment is sorely needed among those of professed faith regarding whom they politically support.
I fear how accountable God will hold America, for its current embrace of the Roy Moores and Donald Trump’s of the world…

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