Hello World! I’m Odd Dad.

I blog about the life and times of my family experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder across generations. That’s right, my son and I are both Aspies. Meaning that we have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. He at age five, me at age forty-four.

Of course, that diagnosis is just the beginning of our odd journey through life as we seek to fit in a world where oddity is viewed with caution, suspicion, curiosity, and sometimes, derision.

Each post explores how ASD has affected and continues to effect our family of four and beyond in an effort to chronicle experiences, discover new insights, and, perhaps, serve as an inspiration and resource to others.

A passion…err, I mean, as an Aspie, we have obsessions, is politics. I am a trained political scientist on faculty at a regional state university of approximately 16,000 students within the United States. I teach and publish research on politics.

On another page of this blog, I cut loose from the strictures of academic culture, institutions, and publishing to offer my unvarnished opinions about political subjects.  The opinions are my own and do not represent the institution or state government I serve as a paid employee.

Most importantly, this blog is about being your authentic self through embracing your oddity. Be odd, be yourself, be content, and be happy.


I am an Amazon Associate meaning that in some of my posts are links to products on Amazon. Should you link from a blog post to Amazon, make a purchase of that item, I will make a small percentage off that transaction. Thank you for your support!