Zoo Exiting Routine

Routines are critical for people with Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder. Routines provide certitude, safety, meaning, and comfort in knowing. Below I describe a routine that my special Aspie relies upon. Today, we visited our local Zoo. My special Aspie has a specific Zoo exit routine that we must all follow. When exiting the […]

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Autism and Family Estrangment

Coping with family estrangement is a rather new experience. With hindsight, one can note many of the innumerable contributing factors, instances, and experiences woven into a thick tapestry of separation. Parsing through such hindsight risks playing the blame game. Frankly, I’m to busy to wallow in such psychological mire. Better to focus on the good. […]

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A Parent with Asperger’s Take on Rules, Rewards, and Encouragement for his Special Aspie Child

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash Rules. An Aspie’s blessing and curse. Blessing in the sense that rules help the person with Asperger’s to function by following a set of prescribed actions while avoiding a set of proscribed actions. Actions that an Aspie lacks intuitive capacity to discern governing rules. A curse in the sense that all human […]

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Emotional Whiplash of Autism

So much for tranquility. Couple days ago, we were visiting with my lovely wife’s grandparents. Salt of the earth people. Up to that point, tranquility I had experienced upon arriving at the beach, hard largely remained. Before proceeding further, a little background is necessary. In about 3 or 4 weeks, a milestone event will occur […]

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Tranquility Experienced

Well, we made it to the beach. And, the fidget spinners helped, except when the kids, enduring the backseat of a very long car ride, would trade their spinners. At some point, one would ask (demand) for their spinner to be returned. Whereupon their sibling would protest, “I’m not done!” Followed by an escalating volume […]

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